Industrial Personalized Projects

The Gruper technical team is characterized by its aptitude to design and develop customized products for the disinfection, sanitation and water purification, in both horticultural and industrial sectors.

Our facilities allow us to do so.

Tell us the problem and we will give you the appropriate solution.

  • Our engineering team may travel to your facilities
  • Analysis of the problem together with the client
  • Presentation and valuation of solutions
  • Manufacturing ,Installation and after sale service

More Information

Our team of engineers has an extensive experience in the processes of disinfection and sanitation inside the food and industrial sector. It allows us to design, develop and make machines exclusively adapted to the need of each customer.
All the designs are made in 2D and 3D, giving the possibility to the customer of viewing and evaluating the functioning of the system before beginning with the manufacturing.

  • Displacement of specialized technician
  • Analysis of the problem together with the client
  • Design and development of the machine according to specifications of the client
  • Manufacture of the machine and software development
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • After sale service
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