Waster Water Treatment

We develop and apply the most modern technologies in filtration, purification and sanitation for any type of residual water.

Combining our technology and experience allows us to treat any type of industrial water, making it conform with the most demanding regulations of spillages. The opportunity to re-use it for some industrial process.

  • Aptitude to develop made-to-measure solutions
  • We reduce the operating costs
  • Reutilization of the waters treated (irrigation, sanitary, industrial cleanliness…)
  • Solve problems with existing filter systems
  • Displace mobile laboratory to take samples and make analysis of your wáter on site

More Information

In Gruper we bet for sustainable systems of purification, with low or void operating costs. We obtain always the aims marked by the client and by the different administrations.

We travel to your facilities with a portable laboratory to determine the problem and to offer a made-to-measure solution with guarantees of success.

Our team participates actively in all the phases of the project which allows us to offer technical, functional and economically viable solutions.

Información sobre los equipos de ozono para tratamiento de depuración de aguas residuales:

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