Gruper is a technological company dedicated to the manufacture and commercialization of equipments dedicated to the disinfection and cleaning all kinds of fruits, vegetables, meats, fishes, working areas and cooling rooms. We are also specialists in the treatment of waste waters. In all our processes we apply always clean and respectful technologies with the environment, both in air and in water.

Gruper has an team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, carrying out diverse activities of research, development and innovation. It makes Gruper engineering team to be able to design and manufacture customized equipments adapted to the requirements of our clients and offering always products of the highest quality.

  • Food Desinfection

    Superficial disinfection of all kind of food per shower or immersion systems

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  • Desinfección Industrial

    Disinfection of cooling rooms, white rooms, and working areas in the industry

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  • Waste Water Treatment

    Engineering for project of filtration,purification,sanitationof all kind of residual waters

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  • Personalized Projects

    Customized products for disinfection and sanitation

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Food Desinfection in the Industry

Our machines when included inside the processes of wash, serve to disinfect superficially any type of food product by means of shower or dip, obtaining a total disinfection and without leaving any residue in the surface.

Apart from disinfecting any food product also we disinfect the elements that may be in touch with it. It can be the water in case of dipping process, or the elements that are in touch with the products in case of a shower process.

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  • Superficial disinfection of the products
  • Disinfection of the surfaces that are in touch with the food
  • The disinfectant is generated in-situ does not leave residues
  • Improves the quality of the water of spillage
  • Reduces the costs of disinfection

Food Desinfection in the Agriculture

Our equipments included in the systems of irrigation eliminate all kinds of pathogenic, fungi, virus and bacteria in the water of irrigation simultaneously that we are capable of disinfecting and preventing a biofilm to be generated in the conduits of the dripping systems of irrigation.

Applied in hydroponics cultivation it manages to have the roots and the water disinfected.

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  • Disinfection of the conduits of the irrigation for drip
  • Saving additive
  • Improves the performance of the nutriments
  • Reduces the risk of diseases
  • The aspect Improves in general
  • Improves the profitability

Environmental Industrial Disinfection

Gruper designs and makes made-to-measure equipments specially thought for the disinfection of cold-storage rooms, white rooms and working areas.

These equipments beside disinfecting and to eliminate bad smells, have the aptitude to degrade the ethylene released by the fruit , not only preserving them during more time, but also preserving their shape and firmness.

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  • Keeps  the environment totally disinfected and cleaned
  • Does not leave residues
  • Is generated in-situ
  • Does not require consumable
  • Eliminates bad smells
  • Degrades the Ethylene

Superficial Industrial Disinfection

We design and manufacture portable equipments for the disinfection of all kinds of surfaces of work. These equipments are used also to disinfect any type of machine or tool used inside the food sector.

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  • Disinfection of any type of surface
  • Disinfection of conduits
  • Without rincing
  • Without residues
  • Without need to use warm water
  • They do not generate disagreeable smell

Waster Water Treatment

We develop and apply the most modern technologies in filtration, purification and sanitation for any type of residual water.

Combining our technology and experience allows us to treat any type of industrial water, making it conform with the most demanding regulations of spillages. The opportunity to re-use it for some industrial process.

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  • Aptitude to develop made-to-measure solutions
  • We reduce the operating costs
  • Reutilization of the waters treated (irrigation, sanitary, industrial cleanliness…)
  • Solve problems with existing filter systems
  • Displace mobile laboratory to take samples and make analysis of your wáter on site

Industrial Personalized Projects

The Gruper technical team is characterized by its aptitude to design and develop customized products for the disinfection, sanitation and water purification, in both horticultural and industrial sectors.

Our facilities allow us to do so.

Tell us the problem and we will give you the appropriate solution.

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  • Our engineering team may travel to your facilities
  • Analysis of the problem together with the client
  • Presentation and valuation of solutions
  • Manufacturing ,Installation and after sale service

We are at your disposal

If you need further information or would like a visit to our school, please do not hesitate to contact us filling out this form or by phone.

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